5 Common Grass Types in Australia and How to Spot Them

5 Common Grass Types in Australia and How to Spot Them

If you’re looking to sow a lush, green lawn in front of your home, it’s always best to make an informed decision about the type of grass you’d like to grow. Not only will your choice depend on your regional climate (Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, etc.), but the quality of soil will affect how well it grows, too.

Below are five of the most common grass types in Australia and how to identify them: 

01.Hybrid Bermuda

As the name suggests, Hybrid Bermuda grass is a hybrid of Bermuda and another species of grass. Bermuda mixes well with other breeds because it is able to draw out the characteristics of the other grass species such as superior colour, tolerance to mowing, resistance to cold, and so on.

Bermudagrass is lush, green, and dense, making it a prime choice for homeowners in Australia. It’s also superbly resilient to insects and diseases. Density is one of the key giveaways that you’re dealing with a bermudagrass species.

02. Buffalo Grass

Perhaps one of the most popular types of all-purpose grass species is Buffalo Grass. It’s well-known for being hardy and resilient, which is useful in Australia’s various climates that tend towards harsh. Although it’s a tough grass spotted by big, broad leaves, it’s gentle and soft, making it ideal for pets and children to play on.

For homeowners looking for a lush lawn that requires a little less maintenance and can take care of itself in Melbourne’s temperate climate, Buffalo Grass is an excellent choice.

03. Rhizomatous Tall Fescue

The dark, leafy green of Rhizomatous Tall Fescue is a wonderful sight, but this species is fantastically soft as well. A great benefit of RTF is that it’s excellent at self-repairing, because it produces something called ‘rhizomes’ which can fill in patchy spots on its own.

The roots are quite deep, making it tolerant towards drought and shade. Nevertheless, good watering habits are required so don’t neglect to treat your RTF grass well and it will pay you back in dividends.

If you want your new lawn to grow rapidly, RTF breeds won’t let you down.

04. Eureka Kikuyu

With its bright yellow colour, Eureka Kikuyu is a vibrant grass species that’s great for all-around use. It has high disease resistance, very high wear capabilities, and is relatively an economical choice for most homeowners. It is also a rapid-growing grass species that can repair itself well, so if you’re worried about dry patches on your lawn Eureka Kikuyu won’t give you these problems provided it’s well-maintained.

05. Nullarbor Couch

As a warm-season grass species, Nullarbor Couch is a perfect species for Australia’s climates. It can be identified by its fine, leafy structure with an attractive and bright leafy green colour. For manicured lawns, few species can match the superb characteristics of Nullarbor Couch.

This grass species requires no less than 5-6 hours of good sunlight per day, so it’s best in areas without too much shade.

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