5 Reasons Why Your Lawn Needs to Be Sprayed

5 Reasons Why Your Lawn Needs to Be Sprayed

A good lawn is a healthy lawn, even better if it’s a lush green that provides comfort on warm summer barbecue nights with friends and family. Shouldn’t a lawn appear a healthy, fresh green colour on its own and without the aid of chemical products?

There’s certainly a case to be made for not spraying your lawn, and plenty of advice from Bob Vila himself on why pesticides should be avoided, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes a little assistance can be a lifesaver (quite literally) for a lawn that’s on the threshold of dying out or otherwise at risk of a weed or pest infestation.

  • Feed Your Soil

Consider that watering a flower doesn’t mean spraying down the plant itself but rather the soil. Similarly, the soil is what nourishes and supports healthy grass blades, so a depleted soil won’t do much good for your grass. Fertiliser can create a healthy balance with plenty of essential nutrients if excessive rainfall has wicked away most of the soil’s natural nutrient content.

  • Keep pH Levels in Check

Every lawn needs a proper pH level in order to promote a full growth. Too alkaline or too acidic is no good, but what’s the Goldilocks zone you’re looking for? Somewhere between 5.8 and 7.2 is probably a good bet, and you can test this yourself with handheld meters and gauges quite easily. Knowing your soil’s pH level can give you a great justification for rebalancing the pH to a more natural level with a soil conditioning product.

Giving your soil an appropriate dose of soil conditioner to rebalance its pH levels will make it far more conducive to attracting and retaining the required nutrients to support a lush green lawn when otherwise it could die a slow death if untreated.

  • Eradicate Pesky Weeds

The natural way of removing weeds is by hand. If you’ve ever plucked weeds all day your back certainly isn’t thanking you for the effort, but more importantly, hand plucking may look effective but in fact may not eradicate the problem altogether. Weed seeds can easily tumble and fall anew onto the lawn and create a new infestation. That’s why we recommend herbicides to effectively and efficiently treat weeds without throwing out your back on a lazy Sunday.

  • Give it Some Seaweed

That’s right, one of the most common natural sprays lawncare companies use to treat lawns is seaweed feed. This organic product is bacterial in nature and works to build a healthy ecology of lawn growth full of healthy nutrients. Just because a product is sprayed onto a lawn from a pump-operated backpack doesn’t mean it’s nasty chemicals (some commercially-sold products are quite harsh, however).

  • Preventative Care is Important

Fungicides and other lawncare products that eliminate infestations of weeds and fungal growth can be used to remove infestations that have already taken root, but they can also be used sparingly as a means of staving off these problems before they ever grow to such a point. This can protect your lawn against potentially costly remediation later on if you’ve detected these problems after they’ve been permitted to spread and infect your lawn.

Gardening Angels

There’s a good case to be made for spraying your lawn – when it’s at risk of dying out or under attack from weeds or insects, for example. Get the best professional care for your lawn by contacting the friendly lawncare experts at Gardening Angels today.

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