5 Tips to Maintain a Beautiful English Garden

5 Tips to Maintain a Beautiful English Garden

The enduring charm of the English garden is certainly a welcome feature for homes here in Australia. The picturesque and seemingly unplanned, almost Bohemian approach to gardening stands in stark contrast to the grand, architecturally planned and symmetrical French gardens from centuries ago, and has been replicated around the world and especially in the former colonies.

Maintaining an English garden is anything but Bohemian and laissez-faire, however. It requires care and attention to detail in order to look fantastic all year round. Below are five key tips for maintaining a beautiful English garden for your home:

1. Routine Hedge Trimming

One of the defining characteristics of many English gardens is the presence of one or more rows of short hedges. Although each element of the English garden appears to be natural and picturesque, the hedges need to be trimmed and manicured to a clean, neat shape.

Trimming your hedges isn’t particularly challenging, but it can be time-consuming and demanding, especially if you’re looking to consistently showcase those picture-perfect hedges. Gardening Angels provides hedge trimming services that are ideal for keeping your hedges in tip-top shape.

2. Picture-Perfect Lawns

Just like with your hedges, your lawn should likewise be perfectly mowed and uniform in appearance like a green carpet in your very own yard. Many English gardens such as those in public parks often mow the lawn short, which might look clean and presentable, but it’s not an ideal solution for most homeowners.

Mowing your lawn a little on the taller side is often much healthier for your lawn and the soil, especially if you leave clippings as mulch afterwards. If you’re looking to keep a clean and well-maintained lawn, you’re likely aware of the labour needed to keep it looking that way. Consider hiring a friendly gardener from Gardening Angels to keep your lawn looking pristine and clean.

3. Pressure Cleaning for Your Garden

Contrasting the natural beauty of the English garden, elements such as concrete fountains, gazebos, raised flowerbeds and planters add a touch of elegance and class. Whereas many traditional English gardens showcased grand classical columns and even statues of mythological gods and goddesses, modern and often much smaller home gardens instead opt for classically-inspired designs.

These types of elements bring a sense of order and rationality, so it stands to reason that they should be kept clean and free of dirt or mould. High-pressure cleaning is one of the best ways to restore the full vibrance of surfaces in your garden and for your home.

4. Carefully Manicured Shape and Form

Older gardens from centuries ago tended to be far more rectangular or square in design. Some modern English gardens still choose long, straight lines and clearly delineated spaces, but most homeowners have now opted for long and winding curves that add to the natural appearance of the garden.

Whichever design style you’ve chosen, it’s important that the garden is kept looking this way with professional cleaning and rubbish removal as well as manicuring the hedges, lawn edges, and flowerbeds. Gardening Angels provide all of these services.

5. Choose a Reputable Gardener to Assist You

Caring for an English garden can be a lot of work, but it’s work that certainly pays off in dividends. Spending an afternoon sipping tea (or your beverage of choice) with friends/family in your pristine garden makes it all feel worth the effort, but you don’t have to do it alone. Instead, consider choosing a reputable gardener in Melbourne to help you achieve the perfect look for your English garden.

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