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Good looking gardens bring ambiance into a home. However, due to your busy schedules, you get little or no time to trim your fence and grass, but don’t worry, Garden Angels will sort you out. We are gardening maintenance company servicing Seaholme, Victoria. We have a team of professional garden maintenance individuals who work around the clock to keep your gardens perfect. Some of our services include:

Lawn Mowing in Seaholme

Is your lawn or garden losing shape? Gardening Angels is your solution. We offer professional lawn mowing services in Seaholme. Our well-trained professionals are at your disposal any time you need lawn mowing services. We use top of the tier lawn mowing equipment to ensure perfect results.
We are specialists in all lawn mowing, maintenance and gardening requirements. Regardless of the grass size, we will ensure a uniform cut to suit your needs. We also provide lawn care services like:

  • Fertilizing
  • Turf maintenance and repairs
  • Compost collection and removal
  • Top dressing
  • Weed control services and general garden maintenance

High Pressure Cleaning Services

There is nothing more annoying than a dirty home environment. Some dirt can be cleaned using our bare hands while others need high pressure cleaning. Gardening Angels are your solution for high pressure cleaning in Seaholme. We take a step by step approach to ensure the compound is spotless.

We have professionals in pressure cleaning who use our machinery to provide long-lasting services. We are also available for company cleaning, in case you need a general high pressure cleaning of your working space. Don’t stress yourself too much trying to clean unremovable spots, just call us today.

Gardening Hedge Trimming

Your trees, flowers, and hedges require proper trimming to maintain your home’s beauty. Our team of professionals are well trained in pruning and gardening hedge trimming, not only for the good looks but also to keep them healthier.

Any time you prune your hedges, trees and flowers, you give them a fresher and better growth. Properly mowed grass and perfect gardening hedge trimming, make your home to be envied by many. Due to the regular trimming and pruning required, our company provides an affordable quotation. Clients can choose the frequency that suits them, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you are looking to transform your trees and fence, we will be more than obliged to serve you.

Other Services

We offer additional services like,

  • Commercial work- this includes general services on commercial buildings like yard cleaning and rubbish removal
  • Spraying- this helps in health maintenance of the gardens, lawns, and grass
  • General lawn maintenance and repairs
  • Weeding and whipper snipping- this increases your lawns lifespan

We have a team in place and no matter the time you need our service, we are always at your disposal. You can get our services by filling an online form where you access a quotation for free. We are accessible via email at, or directly through by phoning 0467 001 100.

Reach us today and transform the nature of your gardens.

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