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Everyone would like to live in a tranquil environment with crisp, clean surroundings and a beautiful landscape that gives you a welcoming view anytime you come home. At Gardening Angels we have an experienced team that can help you accomplish this goal. We offer top rated lawn mowing, gardening hedge trimming, and high pressure cleaning services at pocket-friendly fees. If you live here in Footscray call us on 0467 001 100, or fill in our online form and we will get back to you immediately.

Lawn Mowing Footscray

Two primary types of mowers are used in lawn mowing. They include; rotary mowers and reel mowers. Rotary mowers operate a horizontally rotating single blade and are most regularly used for home lawns. They cut the grass by force (akin to how a machete works) and thus produce a moderately rougher cut than a reel mower. Nevertheless, a correctly adjusted and sharp rotary mower will do a satisfactory job on practically any lawn and are easier to manage than reel mowers.

Reel mowers use a rotating cylinder of blades (five or six) which grab the grass against a stationary knife to cut it. Reel mowers offer the most excellent cut available. They are, however, expensive, need specialized tools for sharpening and they are sometimes tough to adjust. Due to possible damage to the cutting units, they are not used where twigs, stones, and debris are present. Reel mowers are therefore limited to fine turf areas like high maintenance athletic fields and golf courses.

Gardening Hedge Trimming Footscray

The Gardening Angels team will always clear up after themselves; we will sweep driveways and pavements as required and dispose of the hedge trimmings in an environmentally friendly manner. Our gardening hedge trimming services can be scheduled as often as you need to keep your hedge in excellent condition throughout the year. We are happy to work under your superintendence and will always strive to complete the job according to your specifications. Well trimmed and maintained shrubs, trees and hedges will significantly enhance the overall look of your surrounding area. We suggest trimming your bushes and hedges at least once a year, but this depends on the kind of hedge.

High Pressure Cleaning Footscray

When using high pressure cleaning remember to use chemicals and cleaning solutions that are recommended for a pressure washer use. Super film remover is mostly used for washing cars and light dirt or road film. You may use a citrus degreaser to remove heavy grease and industrial washing. Use a pressure washer that comes with a detergent injector since it will allow for constant, uninterrupted flow of the cleaning solvent into the water stream. Remember to buy approved detergents since some cleaning agents are not environmentally favourable and may be unsafe for pressure washer components. A solution may work well for a concrete surface, but be harmful to a wood surface.

Managing your garden and hedges need consistent maintenance. We are your number one choice for these services here in Melbourne. Talk to us today, and we will fulfil our promise.

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