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Lawn Mowing Services MeltonLawn Mowing Services in Melton – Call Our Lawn Mowers on 0467 001 100

Is your garden looking a little more rough around the edges than usual? Is the grass in your front or back yard taking on a life of its own and starting to grow its own ecosystem? At this point, are you dreading stepping into your outside area?

If so, it’s time to call in the Angels!

With our experience and commitment to keeping your garden in the best shape possible, there’s a reason that we’re trusted by the residents of Melton to take care of their gardens. The Gardening Angels are a locally owned and operated team of experienced and expert gardeners that always strive to bring the best out of your garden space, no matter the season. 

We service all sorts of properties around Melton, from your very own backyard to aged care facilities, offices and schools. If you’ve got a garden, you can use an Angel!

You can be assured that the garden service we provide is top-tier: effective, efficient and always done with the biggest of smiles!


Best lawn mowing in Melton

Let’s face it — no one really likes lawn mowing. No one, that is, except for the Angels! 

We can tackle all lawn types (natural, synthetic, or artificial) and are never afraid to tangle with the most unruly of grasses. We will trim your lawn with precision and care every single time, so that you can pride yourself on a well-manicured lawn that is always cut just the way that you like it. 

Our team is well-trained in mowing any type of lawn — from small grass patches to full vacant lots of lawn — and will never miss a spot. The Gardening Angels are known for their keen eyes and strong work ethic, so you can be certain that you are receiving the best garden and lawn care in Melton. 

We work every day, even on weekends and public holidays, so that you can always enjoy your garden space without having to worry about cleaning it up first. 

Need your lawn tidied up in Melton? Call us today at 0467 001 100 or contact us and we’ll give you a free quote for your lawn mowing!

Comprehensive garden care

Making sure that your garden and other outside areas are all trimmed and tidy takes up valuable time that you could be using to enjoy yourself.

We have the tools and the team to provide you with all the services you could possibly need to keep your garden looking its best. We have the latest pressure washing equipment that allows us to get into all the nooks and crannies of your property and leave it cleaner than ever before. And, in the hands of our handymen, we can offer tailored designs to make your garden stand out and feel more personal; our hedge trimming service, in particular, is quite popular, and we can fulfil any wild design or dream you may have.

We offer all the garden care you could possibly need. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Weed Spraying and Weeding
  • Whipper Snipper
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Gardening Maintenance
  • Garden Waste and Rubbish Removal

Contact us today!

We’re always happy to hear from new people, so if you are curious about our Melton lawn mowing services or any of our other gardening services, call us at 0467 001 100 or leave us a message. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

If you’re interested in our garden services in Melton, make sure that you contact us for your free quote!

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