With winter coming to a close, it’s that time of year again for weeds to grow back in your lawn and garden. But how do you tell the difference between weeds and flowers? And how do you get rid of them? Well, we have made it easy for you by identifying the most common Australian weeds: 

The Clover

You didn’t think the Irish just had the Clover, did you? This little guy, easily identified by its clover-shaped leaves, white markings, and ball-shaped white flower, can be a bit of menace to get remove. Quite common in lawns, the best bet is to go for both hand and herbicide treatments to eliminate them. 

The Cud weed

To spot these little bad boys from the rest of the pack, all you have to do is keep an eye out for the flat, shiny, green leaves in a rosette shape, with a white skin underneath. A real problem to get rid of, especially when they grow deep in your lawn, the best is to remove them by hand, followed by herbicide spray. However, it will take multiple attempts to get rid of it. 

The Dandelion

You know that beautiful white dusty flower you pick up and blow away, making a wish? Well, that’s a weed. However, letting these little plants grow without stopping them, will see them take over everything. You will need to kill them at their source, by hand and an active herbicide treatment that prevents amino acids forming (the acids that make weeds grow). You don’t have to worry; our weed spraying products can eliminate all the amino acids of all weeds while producing very low toxicity to you and your family. 

The Creeping Oxalis

Do you want to know why they call this weed “creepy”? Every time it touches the ground, a new root will form and will creep underneath your lawn, festering away, completely enveloping it. On the surface, they look lovely with their light green clover-like leaves and occasionally, small bell-shaped flowers. But underneath they’re a nightmare to eliminate. In some cases, people will have to remove their sections of their lawn to get rid of it. A potent herbicide that will quickly break down the weed – like the spray we use for our weeding – will eliminate these critters. 

The Bindii 

The painful weed of the group. You will instantly recognise this menace when you step on it with your bare feet and feel the rushing pain cut through you. With a finely dissected, small fern-like leaves in a rosette sharp, and with a light green colour, these weeds are known to grow deep into the ground. The biggest problem is that if you don’t get rid of them early, they’ll grow fast and profound. Go for both hand and herbicide removal methods. 


How To Get Rid Of These Weeds? 

Now that you know the weeds that are causing damage to your home and garden, it is time to look at getting rid of them. We here at Gardening Angels can help you with our weed spraying service. Specifically developed for Australian conditions, our products will eliminate the need to use other additional products, will not drift to other areas and will pose no risks to people and animals (including aquatic) – guaranteeing complete safety for your garden, pets, and family. Contact the Gardening Angel team today for your free quote!