How to Manage Weeds in Your Buffalo Lawn

How to Manage Weeds in Your Buffalo Lawn

Buffalo lawns are a very popular turf option in Australia for a number of reasons. They are shade resistant, do well in humidity and high heat as well as cold weather, hold up well to wear and tear, and exhibit a very strong defence against weeds.

Aesthetically, buffalo lawns are lush and vibrant. They are one of the best options for a low-maintenance lawn option with minimal defects. In other words, they are the perfect solution for any unpredictability that Melbourne may bring.

However, one thing to watch out for with buffalo lawns any weeds that do happen to appear. Although this occurrence is less likely than we see with other turfs, removing the weeds from a buffalo lawn also proves more difficult.

Thankfully, weeds can be managed in your buffalo lawn in Melbourne if you catch them early enough and know how to respond.

This is our most effective approach for stopping weeds in their tracks:

Mow regularly. A well-maintained lawn is less likely to become overgrown with weeds, and if any do crop up, they will be easier to spot.

Fertilise the whole lawn before doing any weed removal. It is recommended that you use a slow-release fertiliser for gentler lawn care.

Wait at least one week after mowing to apply any herbicides, as the “unhealed” grass can be especially prone to damage from chemical substances.

Use a broadleaf weed killer to remove any existing weeds right off the bat. Be sure to get a product that is suitable for buffalo lawns. (It should specify this on the package.) As a general rule, herbicides that contain MCPA or Bromoxynil are typically safe for buffalo lawns.

If you must, eliminate tall weeds with an eliminator weed wiper. Just be very careful not to get any glyphosate on your buffalo lawn, as it kills anything it comes in contact with.

Spot-treat any persisting weeds with a stronger weed killer. Most herbicides can be watered down and sprayed directly onto weeds. Try not to get the spray onto surrounding areas of untainted lawn, as this will kill the grass in that area.

The good news is that weeds are usually only a concern in the early days of buffalo lawn maintenance. Once your lawn is filled out, it will be more resistant to weeds and unlikely to incur them in the future. That being said, there are no guarantees when it comes to avoiding weeds, so it’s beneficial to apply these tips just in case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buffalo Weed Removal:

Q: What’s Wrong With Common Weed Removal Methods?

A: You may be wondering why you can’t just spray the weeds in your buffalo lawn like you would in any other situation. Buffalo lawns may be tough, but they are also very vulnerable to the harsh chemicals that appear in many common weed killers. Herbicides containing dicamba, for instance, are harmful to buffalo grass and can even kill the whole yard if you’re not careful. Be sure to check the active ingredients in any herbicide to ensure it doesn’t contain buffalo-killing compounds.

Q: Are There Chemical-Free Options for Managing Weeds?

A: Why yes, there are several! If you spot weeds early enough, you can remove them by hand before seed heads develop. One perk of buffalo grass is that it only contains stolons (above-ground roots) rather than rhizomes (below-ground roots), meaning that any unwanted matter will be easy to pull. You can also use a line trimmer for taller weeds, as they tend to grow much faster than the buffalo grass itself.

If you would like more information about managing weeds in your buffalo lawn in Melbourne, contact the team at Gardening Angels. We will be happy to answer any of your questions concerning weed removal and get you well on your way to a beautiful, weed-free lawn! Contact
0467 001 100 today to get started!

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